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Specializing in NICU and PICU populations

Because children respond to medical treatments differently than adults, pediatric clinical trials should be different from adult trials. It’s just good science: for optimum safety and efficacy, trial design and execution should match the physiology and needs of the patient population, especially children. Paidion combines pediatric clinical pharmacology expertise with innovative pediatric regulatory strategies and trial methodologies to provide best-in-class service to our drug development partners. Our experienced team provides a deep and broad understanding of practice norms and patterns, patient procedures, standard drug use, and expected complications of related ages/gestational ages.

Especially now, with the recent FDA/EMA mandates requiring a pediatric component to all research efforts, Paidion, a global CRO dedicated exclusively to pediatric clinical research, is the right choice for your clinical research needs.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Children are not little adults.” Never was this truer than in the clinical research realm. Special considerations for this dynamic and vulnerable patient population must be taken into account in the development and execution of pediatric studies. Key to success are factors including physiological differences, safe and effective drug formulations and dosing, operational logistics that account for families, and the real life challenges of enrollment, compliance and overall quality.

Paidion Research is expert at maximizing your efforts using pharmacometrics, smart techniques that optimize opportunities for clinical research with a limited number of children, as well as innovative regulatory strategies and efficient, effective global execution. Are you ready to meet the new requirements quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively? To see how Paidion can successfully partner as your pediatric clinical research provider, contact us.

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Paidion Research Uses Innovative Technology in Decentralized Pediatric Trials

Paidion Research Uses Innovative Technology in Decentralized Pediatric Trials

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